BnbShare is a contract to share information with permanent storage and open access.
The website is not the only one entry to BnbShare. BnbShare is a DAPP. So you can download the html files to your own server or access the contract in other ways.
The contract addresses are 0xC32D83ffbFe78673e9C79ccE8694Cb435893e738, 0x4bb56E1ec17e97457cb2736CeE4cD3Cd0e1e184B, 0xE200D20b6A242142D9671F4eBc401AE33d491Eeb, 0x87C5848F16390B85afE52584D5a563ceE89792cE.

You can find the state of it on

You can review the code and trasactions on
BnbShare: ttps://
BnbShareLike: ttps://

You can review all the source code on